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Taj Safaris


brochure design + art direction

Taj Safaris owns and operates four luxurious jungle safari lodges in Madhya Pradesh, Central India. These lodges are situated on the borders of well-known tiger reserves like Pench, Kanha, Bandhavgarh & Pashan Garh. Taj Safaris Brochure aims to display these unique lodges in an aesthetic manner, taking inspiration from nature. The brochure is segmented according to the National Park & the lodge within. 

Taj Safari Brochure Cover_1.jpg

The Barasingha is Kanha National Park's mascot. The deer are shown with the Sal tree, a dominant species in Kanha. 

Lodge Illu-05.png

Wild Dogs, an endangered species thrives in Pench National Park. The iconic Kullu tree of the region is also shown. 

Lodge Illu-02-02.png
Elements Used

Bandhavgarh is known for its tigers. The Mahua tree is an extremely useful tree found in abundance in this region.

Lodge Illu-04.png

Panna National Park is home to endangered species of vultures.

Panna also has a naturally occurring teak forest.

Lodge Illu-03.png

The Great One-Horned Rhino resides in Chiwan against the backdrop of the spectacular Himalaya ranges. 

Lodge Illu-06.png
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